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Turning the Headlights OFF  www.r1200gs.info
The procedure is as follows:

   1. Turn the ignition on and allow the startup-check cycle to complete. The headlights will be off (this is normal).
   2. Hold turn-signal cancel switch for 4-5 secs.
   3. Hold right turn-signal switch for 4-5 secs.
   4. Start engine.
   5. Lights should remain OFF. 


   1. Start the bike and the lights come on.
   2. Hold turn-signal cancel switch for 4-5 secs.
   3. Hold right turn-signal switch for 4-5 secs.
   4. The lights will go off. 

This will reset next time you switch off the ignition. The headlights will be off, but the running lights and tail light will remain on.

Note: Tim Jones says that on his '07 Adv model (without servo brakes) just hitting the high beam or passing switch will turn on the low beam again. This apparently does not work on '05 and '06 models. 

Turning ON the Parking Lights
The procedure is as follows:

   1. Turn off the ignition.
   2. Within about 15 seconds (as long as the instrument cluster glows), push both turn-signal switches.
   3. The "parking lights" will remain on until you turn ignition switch on and then off. On USA-spec bikes, the parking lights consist of the tail light and the very small light(s) in the headlight assembly. The red hazard warning light on the left handgrip will also remain ON if so equiped.
   4. WARNING: Prolonged use of the parking lights will drain the battery.

Turning OFF the Parking Lights
The procedure is as follows:

   1. Turn the ignition on, then off. Or just start up the bike and ride away.

Past Tech Sessions and Tips 

Improving Bike Visability by Archie Jay Patterson II.  Here Pat explains how he added items to his bike to make it more visible.  Click on MyR1200RTBikeAddons to download PDF File.

Why ABS brakes are important. Jeff Dean has written a nice piece that explains why ABS brakes are important.  Visit: http://bmwdean.home.att.net/abs.htm
Pack Your Bike for a Trip.  Jeff Munn has put together a document describing how to pack for a trip.  Click here to download a copy.  

Oil Head Maintenance Manual.   Click here to download a copy of the Oil Head Maintenance Manual for your use.  It contains 90 pages of details.  ISBN number R-850-1100-1150-1200, Third Edition, dated 2-25-02, edited by Carl Kulow of Indiana University, Copyright: IBMWR and Oilhead Riders.

Tire Repair Tech Session   A large group of members meet at Jeff's house and learned how to patch a time.  Jeff had an old tire we practiced on.  The group also learned how to mount and balance the tire and wheel.  Click here to see the pictures of the session.



 Ever wonder what the VIN number on your BMW motorcycle means?  Wonder what the original color was?  Well if you go to:   http://www.bmw-z1.com/VIN/VINdecode-e.cgi   you can type in your bikes VIN and it will tell you what the codes stand for.  Yes, they really do stand for something.  This tip thanks to:  Bob Meeker


Spark Plug threads

Always use anti-seize on the treads of spark plugs and any bolt or screw that are mounted into aluminum. This includes spark plug cover Allen screws on K-bikes to valve cover screws on all bikes.  I recently purchased a stainless fastener kit for my bike and when attempting to install them I found I had several frozen screws and bolts. There is nothing like making a 1 day long job last 2 weekends and keeping you off your bike during prime time riding season.  A 4.o oz  tube of anti-seize cost a lot less than a set of easy outs and drill bits, and sometimes a little blood when the tool slips or breaks.  Do it right the first time.  This tip thanks to: "Mike Bodner"

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