Membership Information
You can join the BMWMCHR by printing this page, downloading our membership application in PDF format or as a Word document, filling it out and mailing it to the address on the form (also below) with your membership fee.

An annual membership costs $20.00; a family membership is $25.00. For those who really live “out of town,” corresponding members pay $10.00 per year.  So join us.  Send dues by check made out to our BMWMCHR treasurer at:

Rusty Barton
3205 Twinflower Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23453


Please complete and sign the application to accompany payment.

Note: you will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to open the membership application if you download the PDF form.

Member's Name ______________________________________________Nickname_____________________

Associate's Name _______________________________________________Nickname____________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________ ZIP _______________

Home Phone (_____)______________ Work Phone(s) _(_____)________________/_(_____)_______________

E-Mail address __________________________________________________________________

Member/Associate Occupations _______________________________/______________________________

BMWMOA Member? Yes _____No_____ MOA #'s____________/____________

BMWRA Member? Yes _____No_____ RA #'s____________/____________

BMW Model(s) _____________________________ Year(s) ___________________________Sidecar? ________

Other Clubs, Hobbies, Interests: _________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________

In case of EMERGENCY, notify: ________________________________________________________________

Address: ________________________________________________________________ Phone: (_____)_______________


Release to BMWMCHR: I, the undersigned, hereby agree to abide by the club by-laws, and do relieve the BMWMCHR from any liability for personal property damage, theft, bodily injury, or motor vehicle accident that might occur as the result of my participation in club events or my membership in the club.

Member ___________________________________________________Date_____________

Associate Member ___________________________________________Date_____________

Dues: $20.00 per year. After July 1, $10 for the remainder of that calendar year. $5.00 per year for Associate Membership. $10.00 per year for Corresponding Membership if you live out of town