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BMW Motorcycles USA

  • What is the club about?

  • What kind of things does it do?

  • What kind of people join?

  • What's with the badges?

  • What are the membership benefits?

  • How did this begin?

  • What services are available?

  • How do I join?


The members of the BMWMCHR come from South East Virginia  
and the major cities of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Suffok, Newport News Hampton, Chesapeake and surrounding areas

How do I find out....?   

  • First, read the rest of this page.   
  • Secondly, try the Frequently Asked Questions page.
  • After that try the Membership Services page.
  • Then on the Officers and Directors page there are phone numbers and all of the officers are happy to answer questions.
  • Wander around the web site at will.
  • MOST IMPORTANT:  Fill the tank, mount  up and come ride with us!

Who are the members? The members of BMWMCHR span all ages, all occupations, both sexes, different skill levels, different bike types.  About as widespread a group as you can imagine.  We have computer programmers, company presidents, truck drivers, bankers, students, carpenters, mechanics, consultants, marketing types, sales people, university professors, government employees, , architects, military officers and NCO's both active and retired, doctors, small business owners, engineers,  technicians, computer operators, retired folks, and probably every other occupation known to man. 

We have riders who are on their first bike and some that have passed 400,000 miles astride (most of the time) a two wheeled machine.   Some have one bike and some have garages full.  We have airheads, oilheads and flying bricks (K-bikes) and in touring configurations as well as dual sport.  We have old folks and young folks and everything inbetween. Our oldest active rider will turn 82 this summer, and our youngest are only recently eligible to purchase the demon rums on their own.

And we have members with stories.  Lordy do they have stories.

Another way of saying it is that if you have some stereotype of who and what the beemer owners are like, you'll find it gets crumbled at the first meeting.   The only truth that you can hang your hat on is that they are a friendly and welcoming bunch to anyone who likes to ride a bike, preferably a BMW and wants to join in the fun

Badges, Badges, We don't need no stinking badges.   Well... okay, we actually do.  Awhile back one bright guy with a lousy memory for names, figured out we'd all have a better time of it if we could call each other by something other than "hey you".

So we have name badges for sale and we try and wear them for breakfasts, and other things where learning that guys name makes it just a bit more friendly.  And that is part of what it's about.  You can order them from our friendly Treasurer at any time.

  • Benefits of Membership
  • First of all, you get to hang out with a motorcycle gang and make your mother worry about you again.
  • And you get a standing invitation to all events in the course of the year
  • You get a monthly newsletter recently rated the "Best BMW Club Newsletter Published in Easter Virginia.
  • First dibs on BMWMCHR Logo togs when we have them.
  • You get to join in some fun with other fun folks who are passionate about motorycling and BMWs
  • Win goodies in frequent door prize drawings or 50/50
  • Acquire an instant network of riding friends and mentors
  • Access to technical assistance information

What Does the Club do?  The Activities page has more detail but our main activities are::